Irony: Obamacare may be hurting Planned Parenthood’s bottom line

Obamacare, which Planned Parenthood fiercely supports, is ironically rendering women “less reliant” on Planned Parenthood, according to Reuters.  The annual number of clients Planned Parenthood sees has been declining since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which has generated an uptick in the number of insured American women.  And, unsurprisingly, insured women seem to opt for providers who don’t glean the substance of their revenue from killing people.  

National Right to Life’s Randall O’Bannon has posited that women insured under Obamacare may be abandoning Planned Parenthood in order to “go someplace where they can get a broader range of services and can avoid a place that also does abortions.”  According to Reuters, Planned Parenthood has been reevaluating their targeting of poorer Americans for some time:

But even before the most recent dispute [the CMP undercover video scandal], Planned Parenthood had begun reconsidering its model of serving primarily the poor.  It has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years to expand services, upgrade buildings and improve customer service, hoping to better compete for more affluent insured patients and tap a more stable source of revenue than public funding.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars” which the group had lying around each year thanks to the generous contribution of your tax dollars – which have already begun to evaporate since congressional and state-level investigations followed on the heels of explosive video evidence that Planned Parenthood is selling human body parts for profit. 

Planned Parenthood’s problems are mounting.  In the face of insured women choosing Life-affirming healthcare practitioners, Pro-Lifers publicly exposing the horrific organ harvesting practices of the organization, and tax dollars quickly disappearing from Planned Parenthood’s coffers, the future of America’s abortion behemoth doesn’t look promising. 

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