Filings close, Texas Right to Life PAC prepares for the 2014 election cycle

Candidate filings for the 2014 election cycle have officially closed and Texas is ready to continue the strong Pro-Life leadership Texans have come to expect. 


Texas has the ability to elect strong Pro-Life women and men to office to represent effectively the Pro-Life views that the majority of Texans hold.  As was seen in Austin over the summer, people from outside of Texas are determined to change Texas from a Pro-Life beacon to an abortion haven. 


As the largest Pro-Life political action committee in the state, Texas Right to Life is dedicated to endorsing candidates who possess an unyielding resolve to protect all innocent human life at all stages.


All candidates seeking the endorsement of the Texas Right to Life PAC are required to undergo a rigorous screening process.  This process includes candidates completing an in-depth questionnaire, and a personal interview(s) with our board for a thorough vetting of issues, moral character, and depth of commitment to the cause.


The passage of House Bill 2 showed Texas the strength and perseverance of the elected officials in Texas who are willing to defend innocent preborn Life.  Many of these same legislators also stood up to the medical lobby during the regular session to protect the rights of patients and their families toward the end of their lives.  Those who did not uphold the promise to stand for all Texans were held accountable, and those unable to reach a Pro-Life score of 75 percent surrendered the endorsement of the PAC.  


As Texas nears another election cycle, the Pro-Life stalwarts will be discovered and will rise to the top as dedicated members of the Texas Pro-Life community and will join ranks with the women and men who vow to represent all Texans.  Texas deserves fierce defenders of Life on the full pendulum of the Pro-Life spectrum.  


Texas Right to Life PAC will only endorse candidates who share our legislative strategy and our goals in protecting the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life, regardless of age, ailment, disability, or gender. 


When these candidates reach their desired office, the people of Texas expect promises to be kept and action to be taken as though Life depends on them, because in reality, it does.   

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