Abortion advocates disappointed in Obama

Tuesday morning Planned Parenthood Federation of America thanked pro-abortion President Barack Obama via tweet for being a “strong pro-choice president.”  Does the abortion business truly believe this statement, or are they simply being sarcastic?  

Considering the “utter betrayal” Obama grieved the pro-abortion community with after his administration blocked emergency contraception sales to minors and upheld the Hyde Amendment, one must wonder if Planned Parenthood truly calls the abortion supporter an ally.  Many abortion advocate sites, bloggers, and even main stream media outlets have criticized Obama asking if he truly is a “pro-choice president” because they believe he has not done enough to bolster their abortion-on-demand agenda.  

The truth is that Obama is the most radically pro-abortion president this country has ever had.  Obama is responsible for overturning the ban on U.S. tax dollars being used to fund family planning programs and abortions abroad.  He has authorized millions more dollars to embryonic stem cell research.  He blocked Congress’ efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.  

Obama has overturned conscience protections for Pro-Life health care workers.  He appointed two radically pro-abortion justices to the Supreme Court, and he placed former NARAL and Planned Parenthood workers and executives in high-ranking positions in his cabinet.  Obama rammed his health care takeover through the Congress, and expanded abortion-inducing birth control coverage and abortion coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare).

Yet, all of this is not enough for the abortion-promoters; the action to restrict over-the- counter emergency contraception to minors, and his inability to codify abortion under the Freedom of Choice Act, is seen as an utter failure in the eyes of the pro-abortion clan.  They called him a disappointment and not a truly allied power to the abortion agenda in the United States.  

One blogger even declared she was taking her Obama bumper sticker off her car.  

So, was Planned Parenthood’s thank-you tweet to Obama sincere?  Either way, the pro-abortion community is a fickle bunch.


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