2016 Texas Pro-Life Voter Guide

Each election cycle, Texas Right to Life’s Political Action Committee vets candidates and invests in certain races. These races encompass the Texas House and Senate, statewide offices, judicial elections, Congressional seats, and even various local races.

To earn the Texas Right to Life political seal of approval, each candidate must first complete a straightforward issues survey, and then members of our PAC panel conduct an interview. The personal meeting opens windows into the candidates’ hearts and minds and reveals the underpinnings of their political beliefs—key factors in shaping one’s Pro-Life values.

Download the 2016 Texas Pro-Life Voter Guide and take with you to the polls!

**Partial listing at the time of printing. Please check back for updates.**


Download the Harris County Pro-Life Ballot

Such respect for the value of others, without requiring an achieved age, an achieved mental or physical level of development, or a particular “status” in society, is a respect for humanity and the individual that will no doubt shape a policymaker’s view of civil rights, economic rights, and security. How can we trust legislators to lower property taxes or increase penalties for violent crimes if they do not fundamentally believe each life is valuable? We can’t.

Life is of the utmost importance. Our country was based upon the principles of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Life is the first and foremost of these rights, for without the Right to Life, one cannot enjoy any other rights. The Right to Life is the most basic and most essential of rights. To best support strong, protective legislative measures, the convictions of the men and women who hold public office is an essential ingredient.

Although other issues are also significant to Texas and our nation, Life surpasses all. When you step into the voting booth in the following weeks, remember this, and please vote for Life!

Early Voting:
October 24 – November 4

Election Day:
Tuesday, November 8

To find your polling location and personalized ballot, click here to select your county.



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